Picture Courtesy of Alan Howarth

Owner Profile robbie simpson

Where are you based & what is your day job?

Based in Manchester. Professional Footballer

How did you become involved in WRS?

My brother in law Chris Aconely recommended WRS

Which horse(s) do you co-own?

Henry Bee

Why did you choose this horse(s) to be involved with?

Henry was advertised on twitter by Richard Fahey 

How long have you been part of Team WRS?

13 months 

What do your team mates think of you owning a racehorse?

They are like silent co owners! They buzz off him :-)

Do they ask you for tips or are you a bad tipster!?

They always ask for tips. I’m hit and miss but luckily Henry is nearly always placed so the boys have been happy!

Favourite racecourse & why?

Wolverhampton will always hold a special place in my heart as it was where I watched Henry make his debut! I would say Cheltenham is my favourite, the Cheltenham Festival falls on my birthday each year and I always try and get there for at least a day.

Prefer flat or jumps?

I always preferred jumps but Henry is a sprinter so I have got into the flat more!

How often do you go to visit your horse(s) at the yard?

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to get there yet but I am planning a visit ASAP!

Apart from your own horse, which other racehorse would you love to own & why?

Well I did part own Woolfall Sovereign until recently and luck behold as soon as I part company he starts winning! So I would like to get back involved with him, although I may jinx him!?!?