Andy Bonarius – MD Wildcard Racing

I founded WRS in December 2009 with just 1 horse Sand Tiger; from there we have expanded and grown in to what you see today.  I am 31 and live in York and have been in to racing since going to York as a little boy, but nothing beats owning a horse and that’s what wildcard racing is all about. I have so many dreams to fulfil in the racing world and it’s a long journey ahead but it’s going to be an amazing one…. I run wildcard racing as I would expect it to be run as a shareholder, everybody kept well informed and nothing missed out of hidden from you….I have built an amazing team to support wildcard racing including 2 very well trusted bloodstock agents and some of the best trainers the uk has to offer,  WRS has seen success in the UK and in the USA with Deerslayer winning on Belmont stakes night, a night never to be forgot by all connected.


Andrew Fellowes – Shares Consultant & Manager

My name is Andrew Fellowes and I have been involved in racing for the past 25 years in some capacity. My family have always owned horses, and it’s always been my real sporting passion. The last 2 years I have been running racing syndicates in the north and North West and have enjoyed my involvement, having a good deal of success and meeting a lot of fantastic people on the way. Now that I have been asked to join Wildcard Racing I aim to bring my passion and knowledge to this hugely exciting venture and will work hard with the team to ensure all owners in WRS have the most enjoyable racing experience. My other interests are football, golf, darts, and most sports. But my main passion is those wonderful thoroughbreds and here’s hoping for a most exciting and productive time


James Clayton – Shares and Breeding Manager

I have been involved with Wildcard Racing since the very start with Andy and I must say I have never looked back, I have met some fantastic people and had so much fun on the way and let’s hope it continues……….It’s a great sport to be involved in and to do it with wildcard racing with Andy
and others it makes it even more fun. I have been personally involved with racing since I was 13 when I moved to York around the knavsmire area, where I started horse riding and getting to
know more about the horses, which is why I love looking on the breeding side of horse racing now..


Karen Thacker –   Marketing and New Concept Manager

An accounts & finance team leader whose number one passion is horse racing. When I was little I’d ride a finish on my beanbag against Lester Piggott every time I watched racing on the TV.

I managed to make it to the semi-finals of Filly Factor-female commentator competition run by Racing For Change, feel proud to be beaten by the eventual winner!

Was a ‘voice of the races’ for 3 seasons for the Love The Races website which is how I originally got to know about WRS. I met the team on a stable visit, and to cut a long story short I got on so well with everyone and the horses, that I just had to get involved.


Jonny Lane – Shares and Breeding Manager

My name is Jon (or Jonny) Lane and I am a new addition to Wildcard Racing. I used to ride a lot when I was a child but I never seemed to stop growing so spent a lot of time with my Aunt helping out with her horse. I found my true love for horses came from the racing scene, attending local meetings and local point to point races. I always thought racing was a posh/rich persons sport so never got involved fully until last year when I was pointed in the direction of Wildcard Racing. Affordable prices but the feeling of true race horse ownership. I am so glad to be part of Wildcard and would encourage anyone else looking into ownership to join us and see how enjoyable we do make it. Best thing I’ve ever done!!! Now I aim to bring a bit of Southern flair, ambition and enthusiasm to Wildcard Racing! I enjoy most sports particularly Football, Golf and Darts and have a wide taste in music